Moonglade Raiment is the third Dungeon set for Druids.


Piece Dropped by Found in
[Moonglade Cowl] Warp Splinter The Botanica
[Moonglade Handwraps] Blackheart the Inciter Shadow Labyrinth
[Moonglade Pants] Aeonus Opening the Dark Portal
[Moonglade Robe] Pathaleon the Calculator The Mechanar
[Moonglade Shoulders] Warlord Kalithresh The Steamvault


Tauren male - Moonglade Raiment - Dungeon Set 3


Moonglade Raiment
Inv gauntlets 13
Inv chest cloth 07
Inv pants 14
Inv helmet 15
Inv shoulder 24

Matching gear

Although not part of the set, but relating to it graphically and stat-wise, these three items work great together with Moonglade Raiment:

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