This article is about the past lore of the night elf organization before their rediscovery in Legion-Logo-Small Legion. For the Icon Legion 18x18 faction, see Moonguard.
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The Moon Guard was a night elf organization. It consisted of sorcerers and, during the War of the Ancients, was led by senior member Latosius. They were considered by the Highborne to be of a lower class, as the Moon Guard members were not the elites. Nevertheless, they believed that Lord Counsellor Xavius was the influence behind the Highborne's envy and not Queen Azshara — whom they worshipped. Before the outbreak of the War of the Ancients, the Moon Guard served Queen Azshara, but when the demons of the Burning Legion came, it joined the Kaldorei Resistance along with the noble class against the Highborne. The Kaldorei Resistance, including the Moon Guard, were commanded by Lord Ravencrest. After the assassination of Lord Ravencrest, Lord Stareye took up the leadership of the resistance until he too was killed by the doomguard. The Kaldorei Resistance, however, regrouped under the famous Jarod Shadowsong and became victorious against the demons.

Illidan Stormrage was once the personal sorcerer of Ravencrest, and later led the sorcerers of the Moon Guard when they fought against the Burning Legion. After Illidan's supposed defection, Rhonin took over. Despite being a foreigner, the Moon Guard treated him with respect for his power and leadership.

Known members Edit

Name Role Status Location
Neutral 15IconSmall NightElf Male Hargo'then Deceased
Neutral 15IconSmall NightElf Male Kir'altius Deceased
Neutral 15IconSmall NightElf Male Latosius Leader (last) Deceased
Neutral 15IconSmall Rhonin Rhonin Icon Mists 34x18 Deceased The Violet Citadel, Dalaran
Neutral 15IconSmall NightElf Male Galar'thus Rivertree Unknown
Neutral 15IconSmall Illidan Illidan Stormrage Icon Legion 18x18 Alive Unknown, formerly the Vault of the Wardens
Bc icon Previously thought deceased at Temple Summit, Black Temple
Neutral 15IconSmall NightElf Male Tyr'kyn Deceased

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