Last content update was 29 Mar 2008, for wow 2.4

MonitorStatus Introduction

MonitorStatus allows for an easy way to monitor your party member's status by displaying their stats in the center of the screen. It is primarily focused towards healers.

MonitorStatus is also a very convenient way to monitor your own health, mana, rage, and energy. It also will show the exact health of the mob you are currently fighting. It can do the same job for users of rage that the RogueHelper does for Rogues.



Slash Commands

The slash commands control whether MonitorStatus is enabled or disabled.


 /monitorstatusenable, /msenable
 /monitorstatusdisable, /msdisable

Should be self explanatory.


Currently, MonitorStatus is optionally dependent on Cosmos. It uses Cosmos for the option menus and some other goodies, but nothing truly central.

Detailed Info

Detailed info, including a standalone download link, is available on the Cosmos Monitor Status page

Standalone URL references updates to the cosmos addons that have no owners. MonitorStatus was one of them but has been updated. You can download the file from:

This update is 2.0 compatible.

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