Guardians of Hyjal 64

The following NPCs can be found in the Molten Front as part of the Firelands Invasion. What NPCs are encountered depends upon how far the player has advanced into the zone and what factions they have unlocked.

Questgivers Quest Avail 16x16Edit

The Forlorn Spire
The Furnace
Igneous Depths
Malfurion's Breach
Molten Flow

Class trainers MiniIcon ClassTrainerEdit

There are no class trainers in the Molten Front.

Profession (Tradeskill) trainers TrainergossipiconEdit

There are no profession trainers in the Molten Front.

Merchants Npc bag on 16x16Edit

Malfurion's Breach

Services MiniIcon FlightMasterInngossipiconMiniIcon StableMasterEdit

There are no services offered in the Molten Front.

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