The Molten Flow

The Molten Flow[34, 66]
is an extensive cave system that lies beneath The Furnace in the Molten Front. Accessing it requires completing the daily Into the Fire after unlocking the Druids of the Talon. The cave system is filled with various flamewakers and lava pools, as well as thermal drafts that players can use to jump from rock to rock. Thisalee Crow can be found here, as well as a very dehydrated and lost Anren Shadowseeker.


Quest givers


  • The Molten Flow can be accessed all day until dailies are reset, for those that wish to complete Spell fire moltenblood [Master of the Molten Flow], for the flames of the Furnace stay doused.
  • To exit the Molten Flow, use the thermal draft at the initial entry you drop into.
  • To reenter the Molten Flow, there is a rope players can use to climb back down.
  • To find Anren for his quest Need... Water... Badly..., stay to the right within the Flow and work your way to the bottom. Once there, he will be on a rock within the lava to your right, lying down.


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