Molten destroyers are the stronger, tougher brethren of the molten giants. They stand guard deeper in the Molten Core. [1] (TCGMC 39)


A much bigger and harder version of Molten Giant. These guys start to show up in pairs before Gehennas and should not be taken lightly.

Molten Destroyer TCG


  • Hits tank for 700 - 800 damage.
  • Massive trample - 1000 damage AOE attack
  • Smash Attack - 1000 - 1100 damage against a tank.
  • Knock down - Knocks a target down for a few seconds.


If it is paired with a Molten Giant, kill the Giant first. Keep the Destroyer away from the main group. Newer groups that can't take the damage and afford the healing should do ranged damage only and keep the melee out of the fight.

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