Molten Colossus is a mob found in Ulduar.

Normal mode (10-man) abilities

  • Earthquake Inflicts 6013 to 6987 damage to nearby enemies and knocks them down, silencing them for 4 sec.

There are reports that this does not affect players if they are out of line of sight.

  • Pyroblast Inflicts 8325 to 9675 Fire damage to an enemy and scorches the target for an additional 3000 damage every 3 sec. for 12 sec.

Normal mode (10-man) tactics

Molten Colossus 10man tacs

Tank and healer placement

  • Split the raid into two groups. 1 consisting of 1 tank, 1-2 healers (Depending on the setup) and all of the DPS. The second group consisting of 1 tank and 1-2 healers (Depending on the setup).
  • Tank the two molten colossi at the two corners before the stairs.
  • Have the healers stay as far away from the corner as possible, leaving them out of line of sight of the molten colossus, thus leaving them unaffected by Earthquake
  • Make sure that tank and DPS is always in line of sight of the healers, but not the molten colossus.

Heroic mode (25-man) abilities

Heroic mode (25-man) tactics

Patch changes


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