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Not to be confused with Molok the Crusher.

Molok was a wild mountain dwarf gryphon rider under the command of Falstad, guarding the town of Hasic. He helped to defeat a dragon that was attacking Rhonin and Vereesa, although he lost an axe during the fight. He got into a quarrel with Rhonin when the latter insisted he fly him to Khaz Modan, but Vereesa convinced Falstad to take them. He rode with Rhonin, and during the travel the group ran into a patrol of dragon riders from the Dragonmaw Clan. Rhonin forced Molok to alternate between helping their allies and trying to make it to the shoreline of Khaz Modan. Molok died when he and Rhonin were knocked off their mount by a dragon. Falstad and Molok were called brothers.[1]


[Molok's Copper Coin] reads "Just once -- that's all I ask for, just once -- let the lass ride with me..."


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