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Mojo the frog

Mojo is a rare blue frog small pet.


To obtain Mojo, you must use an Amani Hex Stick on a Forest Frog in Zul'Aman and be lucky. When you use the stick on a frog it will almost always turn into a humanoid who may be a limited-supply vendor or may drop a chest with loot the raid can roll on. Infrequently, the result will be instead that you receive Mojo, and the summoning item appears in your inventory without raid rolls: Score! The emote when freeing Mojo reads as follow: Mojo leaps into <Rescuer's> pocket!.


If you /kiss Mojo, he will whisper you one of several different phrases and you will be polymorphed into a frog for 15 seconds.

Druids in Outland or Northrend can /kiss Mojo while in flight form and turn into a frog and fly around in it.


  • I thought you'd never ask!
  • This won't take long, did it?
  • I promise not to give you warts...
  • There's just never enough Mojo to go around...
  • Your lily pad or mine?
  • Now that's what I call froggy-style!
  • Feelin' a little froggy, are ya?
  • Listen, <character name>, I know of a little swamp not too far from here...

Patches and hotfixesEdit

Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.0.8 (2009-01-20): This mini-pet's behavior was altered. If you are mounted, you will be dismounted when he polymorphs you into a frog.
WoW Icon 16x16 Hotfix (2008-01-27): It was possible to blow a /kiss to Neutral 15 Prigmon and he would reply, "Feel'n a little froggy, are ya?" after giving players a Mojo small pet. This method of acquiring the pet has been disabled.

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