Misty Reed Strand

Misty Reed Strand

The Misty Reed Strand is the gloomy coastline of the Swamp of Sorrows. There is little along the vast stretch of beach but driftwood, debris, and crocolisks, crabs, and murlocs. Adventurers of the Alliance come here to collect driftwood and slay crabs, and the Horde have several missions to slay the various murlocs spread about the beach.

In Cataclysm

Cataclysm-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

Judging by the flags, it looks as if a pirate encampment is being added at the southern end; at the very northern end is a new neutral Goblin town, complete with flight master and port, though it is unclear at this point where the boat travels to, presumably the new port at Gadgetzan in Tanaris.[1]


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