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Minor Inscription Research is taught at 75 skill in Inscription. When used you have a very high chance of learning a new minor glyph recipe. The chance to discover a new minor glyph is independent of your level, Inscription skill, and how many minor glyphs you already know. The recipe has a 20 hour cooldown, similar to alchemical transmutes.


The research doesn't go yellow until 125 so if time is no object it is by far and away the cheapest way to level inscription.

There are currently a total of sixty minor glyphs in the game, six for each of the ten classes, meaning that it will take at least two months of daily research to learn them all. Many minor glyphs require more than 75 skill in Inscription to learn; most notably the Death Knight glyphs and the glyphs for abilities that require level 60 or higher, such as Glyph of Enduring Victory and Glyph of Shadowfiend. These glyphs will not affect your discovery chance if you have a low Inscription skill, as which glyph you discover is randomized among the glyphs you can learn. If you have learned all of the minor glyph recipes you have enough skill for, you will not discover anything when researching.

In addition to the discovery chance, a random quantity (1-3) of a random type of scroll is produced. The types of scrolls that can be produced are the same as what you would normally be able to make when you first learn Minor Inscription Research. Having a higher skill in Inscription has no effect on the kind, quantity or quality of scrolls produced.

The possible 'byproduct' scrolls are:

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