Min'loth the Serpent was a powerful magician, shaman or priest (him being referred to as "The Snake" would indicate that he was most probably a Snake-God priest) in service of Var'gazul. His seat of power was in the city of I'lalai.

For some reasons, either the plans of conquest, or the water magic used by Min'loth, caused the wrath of Neptulon to come upon an unsuspecting Gurubashi Empire, proving its ultimate downfall. Min'loth was, however, successful in causing pain to the Krakken, a feat not achieved by a mortal in aeons. This only caused the Krakken to become angrier for they are old and they hold many secrets. And though Min'loth's spell was strong, it, like the troll, was mortal. The Kraken caused great waves to move towards I'lalai. Min'loth had time to turn to his adepts and whisper his last words — which were etched in stone. The ocean then fell upon I'lalai and its inhabitants. Even after the waters had receded from the lands, they surged around I'lalai and remained, drowning it forever.

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