The workers of the Human Alliance can be converted into militia when the need arises, when the Call to Arms is sounded. Peasants of the Alliance have the ability to arm themselves at any town hall so that they can better fight off invading armies. Though the peasants are capable of saving their towns from surprise attacks on their towns, they are always glad to give up their weapons and go back to their regular duties.

In terms of fighting potential, militiamen are a step up from peasants — they have answered a call to arms and have gathered in the town hall, where they received armor and weapons. Beneath the leather and steel, however, they are still the same untrained farmers and laborers. Peasants become militia only when their commanders are desperate.

At first glance you take the man for a warrior, standing in his armor and hefting his sword. Then you notice how poorly the armor fits him, and how awkwardly he carries his battered blade. A cloak covers his shoulders, but his head is bare; the expression on his face, more fear than anything else, confirms your suspicions. This man is no soldier.

Peasants sometimes receive rudimentary military training, and with some armor over their bodies and a weapon in their hands, some of them even remember it. Militiamen still charge but stop a pace or two away in order to attack. Most of them realize just how little their armor truly protects them and still run away when faced with a clearly superior foe.[1]

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