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Very Similar to the Lunar Festival quests.

Ribbon polls give a 30fr buff. Burning Blossoms gives you 3% crit to melee and spells for sixty minutes when thrown into a festival fire.

- The Festival of Fire Stormwind - (38,61) Right by the stockades. Darnassus - (56,92) Rut'theran Village, before the flight master. Ironforge - (64,25) Outside the Explorers League

Rewards: 10 Burning Blossoms and 10 Fiery Festival Brew

- Flickering Flames in Eastern Kingdoms Hillsbrad - (54,33) Broken tower between Southshore and Tarren Mill Silverpine - (54,69) On the road between Ambermill and Pyrewood. Westfall - (34,80) North east of the Westfall lighthouse. Wetlands - (51,17) East of Dun Modr

Rewards: Buff Food, just like the valentines event

- Wild Fires in Eastern Kingdoms Blasted Lands - (54,31) Where the three roads cross. Plaguelands - (57,72) West side of Corrin's Crossing Hinterlands - (62,53) Fork in the road south of skull rock Searing Gorge - (32,73) Stairs before BRM entrance

Rewards: Mantle of the Fire Festival (white, no stats) and 10 Burning Blossoms Picture

- Flickering Flames in Kalimdor Ashenvale - (64,71) - By the bridge north of the battleground entrance. Barrens - (59,39) - On the road west of ratchet. Darkshore - (41,90) - On the road just before you cross into Ashenvale. Stonetalon - (59,72) - The crossroad before Windshear Crag.

Rewards: Buff Food, just like the valentines event

- Wild Fires in Kalimdor Winterspring - (30,43) West end near Donnava Snowden Un'goro - (70,75) Bottom of the ramp when you enter from the tanaris side. Silithus - (78,18) Next to Valor's Rest. Azshara - (41,43) Ciff overlooking the beach

Rewards: Cinder Bracers (fire version of the Mechanical yeti, 3 charges) and 10 Burning Blossoms Picture

- A Light in Dark Places Dire Maul - Stratholme - Scholomance - Blackrock spire -

Rewards: Pet Flame and 10 Burning Blossoms

Spoilers courtesy of: Devesto and Zak Elite Chaos Bleeding Hollow

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