Merrin Rockweaver is a level 30 quest giver located at Whelgar's Excavation Site in the dwarven territory of the Wetlands. She is affiliated with the Explorers' League.

She starts the quest Alliance 15 [24] In Search of The Excavation Team. She also completes the previous stage of the same chain of quests, which you pick up from her husband on the bridge before the gate to Menethil. As you enter the excavation site from the north heading south, don't start killing raptors in the dig, looking for her in the dig as I did. Instead, turn left and find a banner that starts a path climbing the mountain, she is in a cave on top. Her companion gives a quest to find some items in the site. Now you can go down and kill raptors to your heart's content. Two of the items are in the dig, the other two are up the hill to the west.

See List of Wetlands NPCs.

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