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Mephits are clawed elemental flying creatures hailing from the Elemental Plane and the Twisting Nether. On the elemental plane mephits and lesser elementals share a position of power just above elemental sprites, but are below all other denizens of the planes. Mephits are tolerated only because they amuse the Elemental Lords or because the Lord in question sees fit to keep them around, to Al'Akir they are akin to pets, while Therazane treats hers as her cherished children. Mephits fight in mobs, which is often the case when encountered in the Twisting Nether. The mobs may be made up of various types.[1] Some can be found on Azeroth such as a Dark Iron cave in the Badlands.[2]

Mephit types

Air Mephit 
A type of mephit found in the Skywall. Holds a position in the air elemental hierarchy just above air elemental sprites (spark sprites, lightning sprites).
Earth Mephit 
A type of mephit found in Deepholm. Holds a position in the earth elemental hierarchy just above earth elemental sprites (stone sprites).
Fire Mephit 
A type of mephit found in the Firelands. Holds a position in the fire elemental hierarchy just above fire elemental sprites (flame sprites).
Water Mephit 
A type of mephit found in the Abyssal Maw. Holds a position in the water elemental hierarchy just above water elemental sprites (frost sprites).
Steam Mephits 
Steam mephits are perhaps a conglomerate mephit of fire and water. Some steam Mephits live in a Dark Iron controlled cave in the Badlands inside of a sulfurous hot spring. The steam mephits get along well with the Dark Irons, who find them amusing. But they eagerly attack other interlopers. The mephits rarely get a chance to do some damage, so they fight with enthusiasm. When they begin a fight they all use their boiling rainstorm ability from the far side of the pool. They can also summon more steam mephits which also can cast the boiling rainstorm. They then often flit about the chamber breathing steam and raking with their claws. They use their flight and the hot spring to their tactical advantage, submerging themselves in the pool to heal.[2]


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