Mechanical Squirrel Box
Binds when used
Use: Creates a Mechanical Squirrel that follows you around. Right Click to summon and dismiss your Squirrel.
1 sec Cast
Sells for Template:S to vendors
Item Level 15
Inv crate 01

A Mechanical Squirrel pet

The Mechanical Squirrel Box item summons and dismisses a Mechanical Squirrel, a squirrel small pet that follows you around, meaning it is a non-combat pet and will not aid you in battle.


Mechanical Squirrel Box is crafted by Engineers with a skill level of 75.

The components are:

The schematic drops off creatures with their levels in the 10s-20s.


A Mechanical Squirrel Box can sell in the Auction House typically for around Template:G, but can get much higher (up to Template:G) on some servers.

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