Matoclaw is a tauren quest giver associated with the Guardians of Hyjal first encountered at the Grove of Aessina[19, 37]
in Mount Hyjal. Later, during the Firelands Invasion, she is found at the Sanctuary of Malorne[27, 62]
where she is one of the central quest givers.


Grove of Aessina
Sanctuary of Malorne

Regular quests

Daily quests



She tells a little about Tyrus Blackhorn:

Welcome, <class>. Hyjal burns and the world I've spent my life protecting is on the brink of oblivion. Tell me, have you ever heard of Tyrus Blackhorn?

Who is Tryus Blackhorn?

A decade ago, a great battle took place here on the summit of Mount Hyjal. Archimonde the Defiler commanded a swarm of demons to march upon the World Tree and claim its power for his own. His defeat signaled the Legion's invasion of Azeroth... But many of his corrupted supporters remained behind.

Blackhorn is a demon?

Yes and no. He may be a demon now, but Tyrus Blackthorn was a night elf once. Like many of his brothers he was wooed and transformed by the promises of power the demonic army whispered in his ear. He was captured after his master's defeat and imprisoned here on the summit, his immortal form bound by sacred energies. But perhaps the dimmest flicker of a soul still burns within him... We must at least reach out to know for sure.

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