Master Engineer Telonicus is one of the four blood elf advisors that aid Kael'thas during the boss encounter in the Eye. He appears to be a Hunter. It is possible that he oversaw the construction of Void Reaver and other construction from Mechanar. See Kael'thas Sunstrider (tactics) for details on the fight.


During the Phase 1 encounter hunters should lay snake traps for the tank to pull Telonicus through to reduce the chance of players being remote toyed.

During Phase 3, the Telonicus tank can avoid bombs by continuously moving. Telonicus will often begin to only throw bombs while the tank is at range, allowing the tank to completely avoid bomb damage until melee are ready to kill him.

Once DPS begins on Telonicus, the tank should no longer attempt to avoid bombs -- bomb kiting can result in large numbers of DPS taking bomb damage without the mace's buff.



  • Anar'alah Beloreh!


  • More perils await...

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