Master Chef Mouldier is a level 14 cooking trainer and vendor located at Tranquillien [48, 30]
in the blood elf territory of the Ghostlands. He is the only source of the recipe for [Bat Bites], making it a horde-only recipe.



Can train:
Inv misc shell 02
[Boiled Clams]
Inv misc food 65
[Coyote Steak]
Inv misc food 08
[Crab Cake]
Inv misc food 48
[Dry Pork Ribs]
Inv misc shell 01
[Goblin Deviled Clams]
Inv misc food 95 grainbread
[Spice Bread]
Inv misc food 65
[Spiced Wolf Meat]
Inv misc food 66
[Spider Sausage]


Inv misc food wheat 02
[Hot Spices]
Inv misc food wheat 02
[Mild Spices]
Inv scroll 03
[Recipe: Bat Bites]
Inv scroll 03
[Recipe: Crunchy Spider Surprise]
Inv scroll 03
[Recipe: Sagefish Delight]
Inv scroll 03
[Recipe: Smoked Sagefish]
Inv drink 07
[Refreshing Spring Water]
Inv misc food wheat 01
[Simple Flour]
Inv misc food wheat 02
[Soothing Spices]

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