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Artisan (226-300) ⇒ Bc icon Master (1-75 [301-375]) ⇒ Wrath-Logo-Small Grand Master ( (1-75 [376-450])

Master is the fifth stage of a profession learned at the appropriate profession trainer (see below).

In World of Warcraft Edit

Profession skill levels fall into eleven stages of increasing ability to learn and execute recipes: Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, Artisan, Master ( Bc icon), Grand Master ( Wrath-Logo-Small), Illustrious ( Cataclysm-Logo-Small), Zen Master ( Mists-Logo-Small), Draenor Master ( Warlords-Logo-Small), Legion Master ( Legion-Logo-Small), and Kul Tiran / Zandalari Master ( Battle-Logo-Small).

Change in Battle for Azeroth Edit

The progression bars (except for Trade archaeology Archaeology)[1] have changed so that after the base game each expansion has a separate progression bar for points unlike before which had a single bar:[2]

In the Beta, Secondary Professions still had the old full bar, but only Archaeology remained the same as of pre-expansion patch and expansion release.

Notes Edit

  • Not counting racial or other bonuses, at a skill level of 300 you can learn the Master stage and gain up to a maximum of 75 [375] points.
  • You must be level 50 to become a Master of the Crafting professions. Master of the Gathering professions have a minimum level of 40.
  • The trainer who can train the Master stage for each profession usually has a title of <Master Profession Trainer>, and could only be found in areas accessible to owners of the Bc icon expansion (mostly in the Hellfire Peninsula).
  • Players without Bc icon cannot level any skill or profession above 300 points (not including racial traits or other bonuses). Changed with World of Warcraft package.
  • Starting with Battle-Logo-Small Battle for Azeroth pre-patch, this proficiency range will have its own progress bar of 75 points.

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