This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and official bonus maps.

Teleports 24 of the players nearby units, including the archmage, to a friendly ground unit or structure.
- In game spell description

Mass teleport is an Archmage spell gained at level 6, which can teleport 24 units to the location of any friendly unit of building. It cost 100 mana to use and has a thirty second cooldown

Hits and tipsEdit

This spell is useful because, unlike Town Portal Scrolls, you can teleport to any location where there is a friendly ground unit. Town Portal Scrolls can only teleport you to a friendly town hall. The cooldown is fairly short, so the Archmage can teleport to a location, engage in battle, then quickly teleport to the next location.

Mass Teleport is very powerful. It can allow you to teleport all around the map responding to enemy attacks and offensively attacking the enemy. It is especially useful in FFA games and large team games. If one enemy is attacking an ally in a Team Game the Archmage can teleport back to save it, then can Mass Teleport right back to where their ally is attacking once the enemy attack has been repelled.

You can use Mass Teleport to go anywhere. Simply send a unit to where you want to teleport. You can even make units Invisible then send them into enemy towns then Mass Teleport to that unit.

A very effective strategy is to build up a group of Siege Engines then use the Archmage to Mass Teleport them into enemy towns or expansions.

Mass Teleport can also be very powerful with a group of Sorceresses and Priests with the Brilliance Aura.

Send a Mechanized Critter into the enemy Town. Then use it to Mass Teleport there. =)

The Archmage is not invulnerable while he casts Mass Teleport as Heroes normally are when using Teleport Scrolls.

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