What are you still doing here? Didn't you hear we built a proper sin'dorei outpost here in Hellfire Peninsula?
Surely you'd rather be among fellow blood elves and away from all this... smell.
—Martik Tor'seldori

Martik Tor'seldori is a level 61 blood elf quest giver located in Thrallmar in the contested territory of Hellfire Peninsula. He may be related to Arcanist Torseldori. He remains in Thrallmar directing blood elf pilgrims further along to the elven outpost, Falcon Watch, to the west.

He starts the following quests:

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Martik Tor'seldori says: Brothers and sisters, I have been to the promised land. I have tasted in the sublim energy. I have felt bliss - bliss so engrossing and all encompassing that I was left wondering if I had stumbled upon the dreams of gods.
Blood elf Pilgrim says: Tell us more, Martik. What is it? What does it feel like?
Martik Tor'seldori says: In paradise, you merely reach out and take from the Nether.
Blood elf Pilgrim says: But how?
Martik Tor'seldori says: From the very air! Tendrils of arcane energy light up the obsidian sky as plumes of raw magic rise up from fissures in the land. Kneel and drink from the fissure as you do from a stream or well. Pluck a tendril from the heavens as if it were an apple hanging from a branch.
Blood elf Pilgrim smiles/gasps.


He wears what appears to be an incomplete Magister's Regalia.

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