Marleth Barleybrew[30.2, 45.5]
is a level 12 quest giver located in Brewnall Village in the dwarven starting zone of Dun Morogh.

Other members of the Barleybrew family include Malgin, Rejold, Wellart, and Yorus.

Marleth is a beer brewer. Marleth dislikes the fact that the Thunderbrews over in Kharanos hold a monopoly over the beer trade. She is always scheming up ways in which to get her product out on the market, and wonders how her beer stacks up against the Thunderbrews' Thunder Ale. Miss Barleybrew's latest scheme is complicated: she wants her brew to replace the Thunder Ale being served at the inn, and she wants a Barrel of Thunder Ale brought back to her as evidence.


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