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Markus Scylan is a level 60 gem vendor located at Honor Hold in the contested territory of Hellfire Peninsula. He is located at the Inn in the Hold; he is next to the wall on the inside of the Inn, to the left when you first face the main room.

See List of Hellfire Peninsula NPCs.

Vendor information

Color Name Effect
UI-EmptySocket-Red Red [Bold Tourmaline] +4 Strength
[Bright Tourmaline] +8 Attack Power
[Delicate Tourmaline] +4 Agility
[Runed Tourmaline] +5 Spell Damage
[Teardrop Tourmaline] +9 Healing
UI-EmptySocket-Yellow Yellow [Brilliant Amber] +4 Intellect
[Gleaming Amber] +4 Spell Critical
[Rigid Amber] +4 Hit Rating
[Smooth Amber] +4 Critical
[Thick Amber] +4 Defense
UI-EmptySocket-Blue Blue [Lustrous Zircon] 1 Mana every 5 seconds
[Solid Zircon] +6 Stamina
[Sparkling Zircon] +4 Spirit

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