Marez Cowl is a level 40 orc warlock member of the Syndicate found in Stromgarde Keep in the Arathi Highlands.

Tor'gan wants the bloodstone orb that Marez carries, while Captain Nials wants Marez's head.

Although considered a warlock, Marez has no mana points and does not have any special abilities.

In the quest description of Horde 15 [40] Foul Magics (2), Tor'gan doesn't know the identity of the warlock, and so refers to Marez as a he. Considering that Marez is an orc warlock, described as being an emissary between the Syndicate and an unknown evil organization, it can be assumed that she is a member of the Argus Wake.


  • Damage: 18-64.
  • XP Given At Level 43: 400.
  • Average Coin Drop: 2Silver 37Copper.
  • Respawn Rate: 5-10 minutes.


Marez has two spawn points
  1. She can be found up the ramp when you first enter Stromgarde Keep and to the left behind a house in the corner near a well. There is a Syndicate Prowler nearby. [27, 64]
  2. Sometimes she spawns on the lower level of the Keep's grounds; from the start of the keep, ignore the ramp and turn left, follow the twisting street all the way back, and walk through the narrow alley between the keep wall and the last house to find her (either side has a path). Note that this is distinct from the location listed above, and instead of a well there is a table with bloody meat and cleavers on it. [29, 62]

Note that if you go to either spot you can find out where she is located - in either spot you can /target Marez to see if she is alive in the other spot than the one you are at.

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  • Even though she is with the Syndicate, she awards no reputation lose/gain for her death.
  • She was elite prior to patch 2.3.

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