Marcus Redpath (aka Marshal Redpath) was a human quest giver located in Southshore in the contested territory of the Hillsbrad Foothills. He seemed to be the leader of the military forces in Southshore and was eager to rid the town of various threats, including the murlocs, Crushridge ogres, and naga.


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With the destruction of Southshore by Forsaken plague bombing in Cataclysm, Marcus was killed with many other citizens. His body was transported to the Deathknell Graves and raised as an undead, but when he was approached by a Forsaken agent to join them, he refused, vowing vengeance against them for destroying Southshore.

He is later found at Rotbrain Encampment as the leader of the Rotbrain undead, planning an attack on Deathknell, where Forsaken players are sent to slay him.

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When human in Southshore, he started the following quests:


Marshal Redpath

Redpath in life.

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Marcus Redpath was the headman of Southshore prior to the onset of the Second War, greeting Anduin Lothar, Khadgar, and the refugees from the Kingdom of Stormwind. He sent his fastest rider, Willem, to King Terenas to alert him to their arrival.

He is possibly related to Joseph, Carlin, and Marlene.

He might have been the Redpath briefly mentioned in the quest Daelin's Men, which would have made him a member of the Theramore city guard at some point.

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