Marcus Auralion <High General of the Sha'tar> is a level 73 humanoid located at Crimson Watch in Shadowmoon Valley.

He ends the following quest:

and begins the following quest:

In both quests, he is listed as "Crystal Prison".

Judging by his title, Auralion was the commander of the Sha'tar forces under Xi'ri that laid siege to Illidan Stormrage's Black Temple. He appears to have been captured and imprisoned in one of the fel crystals near the Path of Conquest by members of the Crimson Sigil - the elite blood elf guard of the Betrayer. After killing a member of the Sigil, Val'zareq the Conqueror, and taking his journal, the player is directed to speak with Auralion in his crystal prison, where he then directs the player group to destroy the Crimson Sigil.


The High General appears to be named after Marcus Aurelius (121-180), the last of the "Five Good Emperors" of the Roman Empire.

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