An elemental at The Tidus Stair in the Barrens [66.0, 43.8]
, summonable by Islen Waterseer.

The "Manifestation of Water" is summoned by Islen when you bring Corrupt Moonwell Water to her as part of the Seeking Spiritual Aid quest.

Islen speaks to Manifestation of Water

Islen Waterseer says: Spirits of Water, I give you praise, and beg of you a favor. You have heard <name>'s pleas, and I trust that <her/his> intent is noble.
Islen Waterseer says: Please, will you aid us?
Manifestation of Water says: [Kalimag] Ma reth bromo zoln kilagrin dra ma zoern tu ko fraht ko kadrom Ma krin drinor zoln drinor Ma krin kan aasrugel korsul

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