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Mana oils

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A [[consumable]] [[item]] that adds an [[imbue]] to a [[weapon]] that temporarily increases [[Mana|Mana regeneration]] and some also increase [[Healing]] effects. Most are created with [[Enchanting]].
A [[consumable]] [[item]] that can add an [[enhancement]] to a [[weapon]] that temporarily increases [[mana]] [[regeneration]] (and sometimes increases [[healing]] effects). Most are created by [[enchanters]].
As of [[Patch 3.0]], mana oils can no longer be used on any weapon whose [[Item Level]] is higher than 165.
Types of '''Mana Oils''':
* [[Brilliant Mana Oil]] - Also increases healing effects.
Additional info:
* [[Lesser Mana Oil]]
* [[Wizard Oils]] - a [[weapon]] [[imbue]] that temporarily increases [[Damage|Spell damage]].
* [[Minor Mana Oil]]
== Mana Oils ==
{| class="darktable"
[[Category:Consumables| ]]
|+Mana Oils
!Mana Oil
|{{item|Superior Mana Oil}}
| +14 [[Mana|Mana regen]]
|[[Enchanting]] 310
|- class="alt"
|{{item|Brilliant Mana Oil}}
| +12 [[Mana|Mana regen]] and +13 [[Spell Power]]
|[[Enchanting]] 300
|{{item|Lesser Mana Oil}}
| +8 [[Mana|Mana regen]]
|[[Enchanting]] 250
|- class="alt"
|{{item|Minor Mana Oil}}
| +4 [[Mana|Mana regen]]
|[[Enchanting]] 150
[[Category:Game terms]]
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