Attacks and abilities

  • Warp Breach: Grows at low health, and detonates in an Arcane AoE for around 5,500 arcane damage.


These elementals come as part of a multi-pull involving Magical Horrors. They should be tanked or Banished or trapped until the group is ready to kill them. They are vulnerable to Fear and Stun and cannot use their Warp Breach ability when not in control. As such, carefully timed use of such abilities can prevent the detonation. A rogue using Kidney Shot before the Mana Warp begins to cast Warp Breach will prevent the explosion damage. It's a good idea to stun these at about 8-15% of their health, depending on the length of the stun.

The explosion has a radius of 40 yards which makes it hard for most ranged damage dealers and healers to avoid the damage impact without leaving effective combat range. But they can run out of range just a few seconds before the Mana Warp is about to go off, letting melee and DoT damage do the killing blow.

A vital key to this fight is to grant your healers enough time to heal up the raid to full health after each explosion before dealing the death blow to the next Mana Warp. If players die during this fight, it's often due to some raid members who are stuck in an undisciplined damage frenzy.


Reputation: Provides 15 reputation with The Violet Eye.

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