This is a page listing loot to be found in Mana-Tombs. For information about the instance itself, see Mana-Tombs.

Loot Edit

Boss Weapons and Shields Cloth Leather Mail Plate Back Other

[Shield of the Void]
[Voidfire Wand]

[Boots of the Outlander]

[Faith Bearer's Gauntlets]

[Idol of the Claw]
[Spirit Shard]

Pandemonius (Heroic)

[Starbolt Longbow]
[Twinblade of Mastery]

[Mindrage Pauldrons]

[Starry Robes of the Crescent]

[Boots of the Colossus]

[Totem of the Astral Winds]


[Scimitar of the Nexus-Stalkers]
[Shaarde the Greater]
[Staff of Polarities]

[Nethershade Boots]

[Lightning-Rod Pauldrons]

[Cloak of Revival]

[Spirit Shard]

Tavarok (Heroic)

[Extravagant Boots of Malice]
[Robe of the Great Dark Beyond]

[Predatory Gloves]

[Mantle of the Sea Wolf]
[Shard Encrusted Breastplate]

[Crystal Band of Valor]

Nexus-Prince Shaffar

[Ethereal Warp-Bow]

[Ethereal Boots of the Skystrider]

[Mask of the Howling Storm]

[Nexus-Bracers of Vigor]

[Longstrider's Loop]
[Sigil of Shaffar]
[Recipe: Major Frost Protection Potion]
[Shaffar's Wrappings] (Quest Item)
[Spirit Shard]

Nexus-Prince Shaffar (Heroic)

[The Fel Barrier]
[Axe of the Nexus-Kings]
[Grand Scepter of the Nexus-Kings]
[Scepter of Sha'tar]
[Warp-Storm Warblade]

[Bands of Negation]
[Glyph-Lined Sash]

[Forestwalker Kilt]
[Lucid Dream Bracers]
[Mantle of the Unforgiven]
[Wastewalker Leggings]

[Stillwater Girdle]

[Gauntlets of Vindication]
[Pauldrons of Swift Retribution]

[Cobalt Band of Tyrigosa]
[Ace of Blessings]
[Ace of Lunacy]
[Primal Nether]
[Warp-Scarab Brooch]
[Recipe: Major Frost Protection Potion]
[Shaffar's Wrappings] (Quest Item)

(Summoned in Heroic mode)

[Windchanneller's Tunic]

[Skystalker's Tunic]

[Mistshroud Tunic]

[Slatesteel Breastplate]

[Band of the Crystalline Void]
[Nexus-Prince's Ring of Balance]
[Ring of Conflict Survival]
[Shaffar's Band of Brutality]
[Yor's Collapsing Band]
[Yor's Revenge]

Shared loot table (Heroic) Edit

All Mana-Tombs bosses share the following loot while in Heroic mode.


[Badge of Justice]

[Enscribed Fire Opal]

[Glistening Fire Opal]

[Timeless Chrysoprase]

[Spirit Shard]

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