Malas the Corrupter is a level 76 elite Nerubian Vizier, and the leader of the crashed necropolis Kolramas in Zul'Drak. He often seems to be casting something. Sergeant Moonshard at Drak'Sotra wants him killed for the quest Neutral 15 [76G2] Malas the Corrupter.

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  • You cannot stand against the might of the Lich King, mortals!
  • Drakkari, this will not stop us from stealing the power of your wild gods. We will take it from them directly, or from you if you've already killed them; it matters not.
  • Many Argent Dawn are numbered amongst the simpletons that have fallen before me. The Argent Crusade will prove no different.
  • Destroy the Drakkari! Destroy the Argent Crusade! Make Scourge of them all!
  • Come fools, meet your doom! I'm waiting.
  • My beautiful Kolramas! You will all pay dearly for the outrage!
  • If you kill them, I will simply reanimate their corpses. And when you die, I will do the same to you.
  • Undeath is inevitable!

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