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The Major Recombobulator is a trinket that dispels polymorph effects on a friendly target, and restores 375 to 625 health and mana. Note that it cannot be used on yourself to dispel polymorph spells which entail loss of character control such as a mage's sheep polymorph, but can be used to dispel polymorphs which don't entail loss of character control such as that caused by the Discombobulator Ray.


Major Recombobulator is made by engineers with a skill of 275.

Materials required
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2x [Thorium Tube]
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1x [Runecloth]

The recipe for this item is taught by [Schematic: Major Recombobulator], an item dropped occasionally by Mizzle the Crafty, in Dire Maul. It is also found (somewhat more often) within the Gordok Tribute.


It has been found that +healing effects DO affect the healing done by the recombobulator, and it is likely that critical effects can be performed.

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