Major Mattingly is a level 60 NPC located in the Valley of Heroes in the human city of Stormwind.

Appearance in World of Warcraft: StormrageEdit

This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft novels or short stories.

He also makes a short appearance in the book Stormrage, aiding Tyrande Whisperwind, Broll Bearmantle, Thura and Lucan Foxblood in reaching the nightmare-infested Trade District in Stormwind. He had been positioned together with the general and the rest of the troops in the Valley of Heroes when the Nightmare first assultet Stormwind and was sent to the keep to assemble backup. But once he had reached the Keep, the Valley of Heroes was already enshrouded in the shadowy mist that heralded the Nightmare's attack. King Varian Wrynn ordered the Major to stay in the keep, seeing that Mattinlgy otherwise would rush blindly back to his squad, adding yet another soldier to the enemy's cause. The Major fought alongside the King until he was given the mission to escort the high priestess, the druid, orc and human to the Trade District. His fate in the book remains partly unclear, but since he's still positioned in the Valley of Heroes in game as of patch 3.2.2, he probably made it back in one piece.

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