Magmus is a level 56 elite fiery Molten Giant mini-boss found in the Iron Hall in Blackrock Depths.

Magmus protects the Emperor's Seat from penetration by any interested adventurers. When forced into battle, Magmus triggers statues in the Iron Hall to spew fire. The fire can be avoided by standing between statues while taking down Magmus.


  • Fiery Burst - Inflicts 255 to 345 Fire damage to all enemies in a selected area.
  • War Stomp - Inflicts 50 Physical damage to nearby enemies, knocking them back and stunning them for 8 sec.


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  • To get to the Iron Hall where Magmus lives you need to light 2 braziers in large The Lyceum room with Inv torch lit [Shadowforge Torches]. After that, two large doors to the northeast will open to his room.

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