Magister's Regalia is the first Dungeon Set for Mages.


ItemBindDropped byFound in
[Magister's Belt]BoETrash mobsScholomance, Stratholme, Blackrock Spire
[Magister's Bindings]BoETrash mobsBlackrock Spire
[Magister's Boots]BoPHearthsinger ForrestenStratholme
[Magister's Crown]BoPDarkmaster GandlingScholomance
[Magister's Gloves]BoEDoctor Theolen KrastinovScholomance
[Magister's Leggings]BoPBaron RivendareStratholme
[Magister's Mantle]BoPRas FrostwhisperScholomance
[Magister's Robes]BoPGeneral DrakkisathUpper Blackrock Spire



Items Edit

Magister's Regalia
Inv belt 08
Inv jewelry ring 23
Inv boots 02
Inv crown 02
Inv gauntlets 17
Inv pants 06
Inv shoulder 23
Inv chest cloth 25

Notes Edit

These enchanted vestments were originally fashioned by the master craftsmen of the Kirin Tor, the reigning magical council of Dalaran before the Third War. Only Dalaran's most elite archmagi are deemed worthy to don this astonishing attire.

The Regalia itself is crafted of fine crimson silk, purple velvet, and gold cord. Its belt has emeralds within, and the robes are set with a single emerald above the heart. Within the flared sleeves lies space for small pouches of spell components. To retrieve and manipulate these spell components, the gloves are open-fingered.[1] (MM&M 149)

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