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Magic & Mayhem is a source book for the Warcraft RPG and was published in 2004.

It is said in the introduction that the book was compiled by Han'al, Master Lorekeeper and mage of the Kirin Tor.

The material he compiled covers lore from all eras up to the founding of Undercity.

Short stories

This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft novels or short stories.

Short stories found in Magic & Mayhem:

  • Gimbolt Stormhammer and his blood elf companion Maelr'thiss travel to the hut of the witch doctor Zul'ajik. They visited the troll in order to hire him to perform a ritual to contact spirits which would lead to the Demonwell. Because of Zul'ajik's hatred for goblins their third companion Ziggler chose stay outside of the camp, and to tinker on his clockwork dwarf. Ziggler ends up interrupting the ritual when he pilots the dwarf and tramples through the troll's hut. Gimbolt decides to flee with Ziggler, while Maer'thiss and Zul'ajik decide to kill them both.
  • Verius, a pit lord disguised as a human, enters a chapel, belonging to the Knights of the Silver Hand, in order to infiltrate the Order of the Silver Hand. Father Rommel sees through his disguise, as does an elven cleaning girl who later enters the room. The elven girl breaks Verius disguise, and he attacks Rommel. Rommel, who had also been in disguise shows his true appearance that of a blood elf, and both elves fall upon Verius to feed on his energy.
  • Jocas Irongear, a goblin who left Theramore with his companions the warden, Blackhawk, and Ashar Ghosthoof on his zeppelin. They had picked up a fourth passenger who hired them to smuggle cargo of crates out of Theramore for him. The warden discovers that are smuggling carrion beetles, and find out the passenger is not who he said he was. The passenger sensing he was caught removes his hood, showing his true self, that of a troll. He then attacks the crew, but is slain by the Warden. The zeppelin is damaged during the fight, and Jocas is forced to fix it before it crashed.
  • Zaj'tal a naga attacks a night elf sentry mistaking her for a male. The two have a battle of spells, however Zaj'tal still wins. He stands over her battered body, pleased even more that instead of torturing a man, he will be able to torture a woman.
  • Bohen a tauren, and his goblin companion, Isek attempt to break into an ancient vault on top of a mesa, while besieged by an undead swarm. Bohen tells Isek to have vault opened while he attacks the undead. Using a special potion, Isek is able to stand on the side of the mesa, and run down into the undead, in attempt to hold them back. Isek is successful at opening the door, and found a book inside. After Bohen returned to the top of the Mesa he took the book from Isek, and used a spell inside to stop the undead.
  • Sunestorm attacks a camp of trolls and orc raiders, along with his dwarven companion Nuji Kodosbreath. They then send their forces of high elves and steamwarriors, to push the Horde forces back into a trap. Dirtworm crews dig a pit under the Horde troops. Gnomish helicopters then covered the pit with nets, while tinkers staked net in place. They ended up catching sixty orc prisoners for interrogation.

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