Slash commands

Changes equipped items to stored item set in Equipment Manager

/equipset options setname; options setname; ...

Aliases Edit


Arguments Edit

List of options below, separated by commas, enclosed in [ ]
The name of the set to switch to as it was saved in the Equipment Manager (note this is case sensitive)


You may use "no" in front of any of these to invert the logic result.

If you are in combat
equipped ⇔ worn 
If you are currently equipping a specific item, item of a particular class or subclass, or have an item in a particular slot. (ex. equipped:item, see below for details).
If you are in a group. You may optionally specify group:party or group:raid.
If you are mounted.
modifier ⇔ mod
If the click is modified with shift, ctrl, or alt. You may optionally specify modifier:key (key=shift,ctrl,alt).
stance ⇔ form 
If you are in a particular stance. May also use stance:# to specify a particular stance (#=stance number).
If you are in a vehicle with a vehicle UI.

Item Types for equippedEdit

Two-Hand,Bag,Shirt,Chest,Back,Feet,Finger,Hands,Head,Held In Off-hand,Legs,Neck,Ranged,Chest,Off Hand,Shoulder,Tabard,Thrown,Trinket,Waist,One-Hand,Main Hand,Off Hand,Wrist
Item Types
Item Sub-Types
Cloth,Idols,Leather,Librams,Mail,Miscellaneous,Shields,Totems,Plate,Bag,Enchanting Bag,Engineering Bag,Herb Bag,Soul Bag,Arrow,Bullet,Ammo Pouch,Quiver,Bows,Crossbows,Daggers,Guns,Fishing Pole,Fist Weapons,Miscellaneous,One-Handed Axes,One-Handed Maces,One-Handed Swords,Polearms,Staves,Thrown,Two-Handed Axes,Two-Handed Maces,Two-Handed Swords,Wands

Examples Edit

-- This will equip an armor set per spec if mounted or on a vehicle, unless a miscellaneous item is equipped (like an Argent Lance)
/equipset [mounted, spec:1][vehicleui, spec:1] Set1; [mounted, spec:2, noequipped:Miscellaneous][vehicleui, spec:2] Set2
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