Lyalia[84.3, 65.9]
is the commander of the night elf Sentinels in Pandaria. Encountered in various zones, she ultimately finds her way to the upper outside floor of the Summer Terrace at the Shrine of Seven Stars[86, 63]
in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

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Lyalia is found in the Incursion of Krasarang Wilds where she and her group were captured by the mogu, but soon after they were rescued by the Alliance. When her father discovered that the Pools of Youth are not the light that Tyrande saw in her vision, Lyalia ordered her army to go further into the land, to the Sentinel Basecamp. As they started a battle against the mogu, Lyalia was killed by Groundbreaker Brojai, but her body was given back to her father. Her father Vaeldrin used the waters from the Pools of Youth to transfer his own life to Lyalia's body, by doing that he died for his daughter.

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