Ly'leth Lunastre is a nightborne noble from a distinguished family who vehemently opposes the Legion occupation of Suramar City, she leads Nightborne/Nightfallen resistance from inside the city itself and works on inspiring the discouraged populace to remember their noble night elven heritage by overcoming their fear of being exiled and rise up to overthrow the evil and oppression the Legion brings.

Leader of the main resistance cell within the city, she acts as the main liaison for all rebel operations in the city and guides the allied forces of heroes from both the alliance and the horde through the Court of Stars instance.


  • Elisande and the Legion seek to bring us to heel. Through fear. Through hunger.
  • The flame of the Shal'dorei flickers. We must re-ignite it.
  • We must stir the noble hearts of my people.

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