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Lunara is a dryad, the first daughter of Cenarius, and a playable character in Heroes of the Storm. She has appeared in the Legion-Logo-Small Legion expansion of World of Warcraft.

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Most dryads are fierce protectors of the forest, preferring to spend their days keeping watch over the trees. Lunara, however, has ventured out of the woodlands she once called home, turning her ferocity—and her spears—toward any who would seek to exploit nature’s bounty.[1]

Lunara is an agile ranged attacker who effortlessly bounds in and out of the fray, doling out the fury of the wilds without prejudice. Those who snap even one twig underfoot will quickly be met by a volley of twisted spears and afflicted by deadly, debilitating toxins that will make them easy prey. Once crippled by her poisons, enemies will be left with nothing from their encounter with Lunara, First Daughter of Cenarius, but a flash of hooves, the flicker of leaves, and the haunting memory of her distant laughter.[1]

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  • Datamined info shows that she may appear in the Legion-Logo-Small Legion expansion.

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Given that she is called the "First Daughter of Cenarius", she may be "the dryad" mentioned in The RPG Icon 16x36 Shadows & Light. (However, S&L is part of the non-canon RPG, and Lunara's canonicity has yet to be determined.)

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