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Lorewalker Stonestep is an NPC of the Temple of the Jade Serpent encountered in the Scroll Keepers Sanctum. He is attempting to control manifestations of Pandaria's lore that have been corrupted and brought to life by the sha.


  • Lorewalker Stonestep yells: Ah, it is not yet over. From what I see, we face the trial of the yaungol. Let me shed some light...
  • Lorewalker Stonestep yells: As the tale goes, the yaungol was traveling across the Kun'lai plains when suddenly he was ambushed by two strange creatures!
  • Lorewalker Stonestep yells: For you see, strife feeds on conflict. When you have peace in your heart, strife will find somewhere else to roam.
  • Lorewalker Stonestep yells: However, when he let it alone, the beast shrank to near nothingness.
  • Lorewalker Stonestep yells: I beseech you, kind strangers. Cleanse this place of their foul presence! Lay our stories to rest!
  • Lorewalker Stonestep yells: Now, off with you! I require meditation before I begin the restoration ritual.
  • Lorewalker Stonestep yells: See how they pour from every letter of these sacred scrolls... corrupting them! Defiling them!
  • Lorewalker Stonestep yells: The yaungol attacked the beasts with great determination and ferocity. Yet, the more he attacked, the more fearsome the beasts grew!
  • Lorewalker Stonestep yells: You have my thanks, heroes. You have given peace to this sacred temple.
  • Lorewalker Stonestep yells: You must destroy the source of the corruption! Quickly, before our cherished history is erased forever!
  • Lorewalker Stonestep yells: You there! In the rafters! My sacred library has become possessed by the Sha!


Normal Mode
Inv belt cloth dungeoncloth c 06
Inv boots plate dungeonplate c 07
Inv belt mail dungeonmail c 06

Heroic Mode
Inv belt cloth dungeoncloth c 06
Inv boots plate dungeonplate c 07
Inv belt mail dungeonmail c 06
Inv pants leather dungeonleather c 06
Inv jewelry trinket 15




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