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Lorekeeper Vaeldrin led the night elven expedition to Pandaria.

In Mists of Pandaria

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Vaeldrin discovered ancient scrolls that predated even Queen Azshara. Vaeldrin tried to convince Tyrande to send him on a mission to find the ancient powers that would restore their immortality. First Tyrande did not approve the mission, but after receiving a vision in which she saw a light, she ordered Vaeldrin, his daughter Lyalia and a group of sentinels to find that ancient source of magic. They opened a portal to Krasarang Wilds, but eventually they fell into a mogu trap. Shortly after, they were freed by the forces of the Alliance and Vaeldrin learned about the Pools of Youth. He believed the pools could restore the immortality of his race, but the Pools of Youth were used to transfer the life from one body to another. In a vision, Vaeldrin saw his daughter kidnapped, when he came to save her, he found her dead. Vaeldrin took his daughter's broken body to the pools and transferred his life into her body.

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