Lorekeeper Polkelt was a level 60 elite zombie mini-boss found in the Scholomance. Polkelt was one of the six mini-bosses that were required to call forth Darkmaster Gandling. Polkelt was notable among them in that he was the only one of the six that did not drop a [Corruptor's Scourgestone]. As we can tell from his name, he was once the keeper of knowledge, knowledge that has sadly been lost, however, as he became a shambling, unintelligent monster.

Spells and Abilities Edit

  • Corrosive Acid: reduces target's armour by 960
  • Noxious Catalyst: reduces nature resistance by 88
  • Volatile Infection: 400-500 nature damage to the target and the target's allies

Loot Edit

Lorekeeper Polkelt had a chance to drop one of the following items. It is not guaranteed, however, that he will drop anything at all.

Lorekeeper Polkelt loot
Inv weapon bow 08
Inv belt 23
Inv boots 01
Inv chest leather 05
Inv shoulder 05
Inv gauntlets 15
Inv boots 05
Inv pants 04
Inv jewelry ring 15
Inv gauntlets 32
Inv pants 02
Inv hammer 13
Inv relics libramofhope
Inv boots 05
Inv pants 08
Inv chest cloth 43
Inv relics totemoflife
Inv jewelry talisman 12250250
Inv misc shadowegg

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