Lord Falconcrest <Syndicate Leader> is a level 27 human found in Stromgarde Keep in the Arathi Highlands.


Though noble born, Falconcrest was but a boy when his family was deposed[1] after Lord Perenolde's betrayal of the Alliance during the Second War. Falconcrest and the rest of the Alterac nobility were stripped of their lands and titles. Thus, he is more familiar with the ways of a bandit than a courtier.[1] He is now one of the leaders of the Syndicate, a vicious group of brigands led by former lords of Alterac bent on regaining their old territory and taking revenge on their enemies. Falconcrest is rarely seen without his servant and bodyguard Otto by his side. He is currently marked for death by the Alliance for his crimes.

Lord Falconcrest was one of the many lesser nobles under Lord Perenolde. He never liked the older man, but he admitted that Perenolde had a good idea from time to time, and thought it was a fine idea to work with the Horde. After they were exiled, he believed the Syndicate should be under his control as he blamed Perenolde for the loss of their holdings. He thinks he would have been able to get lesser sentences from the Alliance instead of exile to the wild to fend for themselves like peasants. He does admit that their plans to take Lordaeron lands have worked better than expected, and grabbed the opportunity to lead the Syndicate faction in Stromgarde in the Arathi Highlands.

Far enough away from Perenolde’s control, he slowly groomed the rogues under him to work against Perenolde and the northern Syndicate, although he knew he must move slowly and methodically to make sure his forces were strong enough before he made the schism. He was younger than Perenolde, only in his thirties[1], and is prepared to bide his time until he was ready. He has red hair, white skin and light blue eyes and dresses in flowing, light garments to keep the sun from burning his sensitive skin.[2] After Aiden Perenolde was recaptured by the Alliance,[3] and his son Aliden had taken over the Syndicate, Lord Falconcrest probably turned his eye toward overthrowing him. Falconcrest does not trust Aliden Perenolde, expecting him to be as duplicitous as his father, yet he respects him for his deviousness.[1]

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