Lord Arthur Waycrest is the patriarch and Lord of House Waycrest.


As a descendant of Arom Waycrest, Arthur would eventually take his position as Lord of House Waycrest. He would marry a woman named Meredith and from their marriage, they conceived one daughter, Lucille Waycrest.

All was fine in his land until rumours started going around that he fell to a deadly illness and that Meredith would refuse to leave his side. Stricken with grief due to her ailing husband, Lady Waycrest called out to any power that could save him. Gorak Tul answered her cry and promised that death would never part the couple, for a price.[1] She started the Heartsbane Coven, Arthur fell out of sight. The only thing heard from him whereabouts is that Marshal Everit Reade who told Lucille that her father had been captured.[2]

When the newly formed Order of Embers charged from Upper Corlain to Waycrest Manor. They found a mutated, undead Arthur standing next to his wife, and Meredith revealed she intended on Arthur becoming Lord of all Kul Tiras.[3]

As the Order of Embers went deeper into the manor, the entered the Catacombs and found Arthur next to his wife. Just as they lived, they died together in their final confrontation with Meredith refusing to let him go.[4]

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