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This item is obtained along with the quest Alliance 15 [34] Lonebrow's Journal from it's quest starting counterpart, [Henrig Lonebrow's Journal]. To find [Henrig Lonebrow's Journal]:

[Henrig Lonebrow's Journal] can be found near the Great Lift in Thousand Needles. At the bottom of the lift, look to the right. You should see the skeleton of a dwarf with a book next to him. If the book isn't there, wait a while for it to respawn. Right click it to receive [Henrig Lonebrow's Journal], and right click that to get the quest.

Book's coordinates: (30,24)

Objective of


Lonebrow's Journal

--Day One--

My journey from Ironforge finally brings me to Kalimdor!

Prospector Khazgorm of Bael Modan is making great headway. He uncovered a fossil today which the site scholars believe to be a bone fragment of an ancient god. Khazgorm is certain the fossil is part of a greater mystery. While he oversees the excavation site, he has made it my quest to discover more fossils to piece together the story.

My assignment: Head to the south in search of more clues.

--Day Two--

The lands of the Barrens are vast and expansive. My trek has been long and arduous and has yielded nothing of interest for the Explorers' League archives so far.

The only incident of note took place near the Gold Road. Off in the distance I noticed some strange creatures. Half pig, half man it seemed. I quickly hid and let the foul beasts pass. My what a foul stench they left behind!

--Day Three--

Oh great and splendid discovery!

Whilst exploring today I came across a grand find: massive remains of what seems to have been a boar-like creature. Its skull towered many lengths above me. Each tooth of the beast could dwarf even... well a dwarf. Due to the sheer size of the find, I am lead to believe these are the remains of one of the rumored Old Gods.

A while back, at the Explorers' League headquarters in Ironforge, I remember a lecture given by Chief Archaeologist Greywhisker. The old chap made mention of such a god, one which was revered by the strange elves of Darnassus because of his rumored altruistic nature--

Bah! One moment. I hear snorting outside the tent. Surely just some thistle boars trying to get at my apple stash....

--Day 4--


Must... write... quickly.

Attacked by boar men of the Razorfen tribe. Believed they were taking me to the great boar remains of the fallen god. Instead, they skirted the great fossils and headed directly west of the giant skull, across the Gold Road.

Roughly dragged inside of a foul-smelling, thorn infested bramble called Razorfen Kraul. Thrown inside crudely crafted hut and held captive along with a dying night elf.

No possessions on me save for this journal, my quill and my pocket watch... Someone coming now...

--Day 5--

My night elf cell mate suffers from grave wounds. The boar men have whipped him repeatedly and I believe he will perish before long unless by some miracle a rescue party braves this treacherous place. He slips in and out of consciousness. When he awakes, I try to give him what little water I have.

Last night he was able to speak for the first time. He is a druid, called Heralath, sent to these parts to examine the rumors of the fallen boar god.

In a weakened voice he told me that he believed the great boar skull to be the place where the great boar god Agamaggan fell battling the Burning Legion some 10,000 years ago during the War of the Ancients. His massive body flattened the land and his blood sank into the earth. Twisted spires of thorns grow where his blood fell...

Heralath and his people seek to discover the source of corruption at this site. Agamaggon was believed to be a pure god, he told me. Why these foul creatures and malignant thorns scar the land is a mystery indeed.

Before I could press for more information, Heralath slipped into fitful sleep once again...

--Day 6--

Heralath's condition worsens.

His eyes opened only once today. He spoke with pained anguish but his message was clear. If I were to escape my doom here in Razorfen Kraul, word must be gotten to Falfindel Waywarder in Thalanaar that Charlga Razorflank was rousing minions in the southern Barrens. The power grows with each day. The Crone must be stopped before the plague of corruption can spread from the Kraul.

Poor Heralath looks pale as a bone. His fever grows worse by the minute. All the while the boar men are preparing for some great military action. I fear that if I do not attempt my escape soon, I will meet a fate similar to my elven cell mate.

My plan is to sneak out when the boar men leave for their next hunt. My guards are lazy and often sleep through their shifts.

Once free from the Kraul, I will head towards Thousand Needles and then west to Thalanaar on the border of the mysterious forest of Feralas. There I will seek the druid known as Falfindel Waywarder.

What began as an attempt to explore the past of my people has turned into something much larger. The protection of the Alliance lies in my hands...

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