Loken is presumed to be the leader of the iron dwarves in Northrend. Having previously served the Pantheon, he has recently heard the calls of the old god Yogg-Saron. Since that moment, he has lost all faith in the Titan's vision and considers the Old God his new master. He can be encountered as the final boss in the Halls of Lightning.

He is also involved in the following quests:

His death is required for Neutral 15 [80D] Whatever it Takes! in which players are sent to slay him and take his tongue.


According to the Tribunal of Ages in Ulduar's Halls of Stone, Loken - also known as "Sentinel Loken" and "prime designate" - was named the supreme protector of Azeroth by the Pantheon, leading the Aesir (storm giants) and Vanir (earth giants) following the containment of the Old Gods. At some point under his watch (or, if the dialogue is interpreted correctly, at his instigation), a war broke out between the storm giants and earth giants, which was ended by Loken "neutralizing" them. After the conclusion of that war, Loken placed the Earthen, giants and Vrykul into stasis at designated holding facilities (presumably, facilities like Uldaman or Ulduar).

It is unclear when Loken became corrupted by Yogg-Saron, but he was eventually driven to betray the Pantheon. Among his acts of treachery was the murder of Sif, the wife of his brother Thorim, the Stormlord. Loken tricked Thorim into believing that it had been the work of Arngrim, the king of the frost giants, turning Thorim against his allies. Much later on, Thorim — having realized he'd been had — gathered his weapons and armor (with the aid of players) and confronted Loken in combat, however, being so far from his sanctuary in the Temple of Storms allowed Loken, in proximity to his dark master, to overpower his brother.


  • Lightning Nova: Emit a pulse of energy that deals 6013 to 6987 Nature damage (about 10638 on heroic) to enemies within 20 yards. (5 sec cast)
  • Pulsing Shockwave: Shocks all enemies every 2 sec., dealing damage based on distance from Loken. Damage is increased the greater the distance away from Loken. Infinite range.
  • Arc Lightning: Shocks the target dealing 3238-3762 Nature damage and giving the target a chance to shock nearby allies (within 10 yards). Note that the when the target shocks nearby allies, they also receive the Arc Lightning debuff, meaning that this ability can "spread", plague-style, as players continually "infect" each other.


This is primarily a positioning fight similar to Murmur. It is also quite healing intensive.

The three abilities Loken uses all require the group to position slightly differently. The overall goal of the fight is to find a nice medium.

Of the three abilities, Lightning Nova is the most significant shot of damage. The damage in heroic combined with the aura's debuff will hit for about 14000 damage. Most players will want to run out of Lightning Nova's 20 yard range to avoid this. The group (specifically, the tank and healer) should decide whether it's worth the tank taking this damage to avoid the rest of the group running into positioning issues.

Since there is a relatively short time to run out of range of the nova, it can be useful to estimate when Loken is about to cast it and start moving a second or so early to give yourself more time to get out of range.

Depending on the group, Arc Lightning can be even more damage than the Nova over a (short) period of time. If the group stacks up, then whenever anyone is hit by Arc Lightning, there's a chance they'll receive the debuff, dealing 4000 damage to everyone else in the group, and possibly causing the rest of the group to each receive the debuff. A few unlucky rolls of the dice and a player can end up with multiple stacks of Arc Lightning, resulting in group-wide damage of 8000 or more as it spreads. Because of this, everyone in the group should try to stay 10 yards away from everyone else in the group.

Finally, the Pulsing Shockwave Aura deals damage during the fight. On heroic, it starts around 800 damage per tick in melee range of Loken, and moves up to more than 3000 damage per tick standing not very far away and continuing out indefinatly. This means the group needs to stand close to Loken during the fight or damage can become unmanageable.

Add these three points together, and the group wants to stand as close to Loken as possible while spreading out 10 yards from each other and running out during the Lightning Nova. Nature Resistance can help significantly during this fight.

Tank Movement

Any tank who is not heavily overgeared will want to move out of the (heroic) Lightning Nova along with the rest of the group. The rest of the group needs to know which direction Loken will move so that they can move closer after the Nova to avoid extreme aura damage. There are two ways this can be done - back and forth on the white line, or side to side between the left pillar and the right pillar. Back and forth gives you more room to move, however there is a risk of losing line of sight on your healer as you go up and down stairs. Pillar to pillar avoids this issue as long as everyone stays in front of both pillars.

Alternate Tactic

This tactic can also well executed with a druid healer. When Loken is engaged have him tanked in the centre of the circle, everyone is to stack underneath him. When Lightning Nova begins casting the group (including the tank) moves down the white line to the bottom of the small steps, remain here and tank him here. On the next Lightning Nova move back to the circle. Rinse and repeat.

Holy Paladin Healer (posted by Ghostcrawler) [1]

Here is a strategy I have seen used a lot on heroic Loken with a paladin healing.

  • Everyone moves to melee together. The paladin casts Beacon on himself.
  • When you get the emote for Lightning Nova, everyone moves back together.
  • There is often a misperception that Lightning Nova has a huge range. It doesn't. You don't have to move far.
  • You also don't need to run back to Loken. Let him come to you. Then next Lightning Nova, move backwards again. You can do a slow kite all the way around the globe if you need to.
  • Of Loken's three abilities, Lightning Nova is the worst, followed by Pulsing Shockwave. Arc Lightning can do a lot of damage, but it's not always worth spreading out to try and avoid it because then the other two abilities can nail you. However, if you are getting multiple stacks of Arc Lightning, the damage can add up. If it gets to be a problem, try to spread out slightly but still move together as a group.
  • This isn't a healing fight at the end of the day. It's a movement and coordination fight, much like Murmur in Shadow Labs.

Loken does kill more players than any other boss. He's not a pushover. Good luck!


Normal mode
Inv jewelry necklace 31
Inv misc armorkit 08
Inv chest cloth 63
Inv torch unlit
Inv gauntlets 26
Inv helmet 104
Inv pants mail 21
Inv weapon rifle 22
Inv scroll 05

Heroic mode
Inv bracer 18
Inv axe 76
Inv belt 24
Inv pants cloth 26
Inv belt 30
Inv staff 71
Inv chest cloth 17
Inv helmet 130
Spell holy proclaimchampion


Encounter in Howling Fjord

Come, minions! Your master calls!
The work of your brothers in the Storm Peaks has reached a frenzied pace. Soon, Father will be freed.
Your brothers to the north have subjugated the stone behemoths and set them on the path to Ulduar. Soon, the remaining defenses of the Pantheon will be neutralized.
The three fissures opened by the mortals of this region must be silenced. The earth hears and sees what we do and will continue to interfere with our efforts if the way is not closed.
Bury this place, your master demands it!

Encounter in Grizzly Hills

Image of Loken says: You're late, overseer.
Image of Loken says: Destiny will not wait. Your craftsmen must increase their production of the war golems before the stone giant leader and his army reach Ulduar.
Image of Loken says: Tell your rune-smiths to continue converting what stone giants you can. Those that will not submit must be destroyed.
Image of Loken says: If the stone giants interfere with our work at Ulduar, I will hold you and your thane responsible. Mortals must not be allowed to come to the aid of the giants.
Return to your duties, overseer. Be certain to impress upon your workers the urgency of their tasks.

Encounter in Halls of Lightning

Upon entering his room:

  • "I have witnessed the rise and fall of empires. The birth and extinction of entire species. Over countless millennia the foolishness of mortals has remained beyond a constant. Your presence here confirms this."
  • "My master has shown me the future, and you have no place in it. Azeroth will be reborn in darkness. Yogg-Saron shall be released! The Pantheon shall fall!"

Upon being aggroed:

  • "What hope is there for you? None!"

When casting Lightning Nova:

  • "You cannot hide from fate!"
  • "Come closer. I will make it quick."
  • "Your flesh cannot hold out for long."

Upon slaying a player:

  • "Only mortal..."
  • "I... am... FOREVER!"
  • "What little time you had, you wasted!"

Upon reaching 75% health:

  • "You stare blindly into the abyss!"

50% health:

  • "Your ignorance is profound. Can you not see where this path leads?"

25% health:

  • "You cross the precipice of oblivion!"

Upon death:

  • "My death... heralds the end of this world."


Loken's quotes seem to tell a story similar to that of Zeus's in Greek Mythology, where Zeus imprisoned his father, Kronos, and the rest of the titans. However Loken seems to want to release his father and defeat the Titans.

Loken's name is likely based on Loki from Norse mythology.

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