This article lists the locations of fixed devices throughout Azeroth and Outland. For a list by devicetype see:

Forges and anvils are needed for most blacksmithing and engineering products. Most forges and anvils are found inside major towns and cities, but these can also sometimes be far out of your way, or right in your area. Outside of towns and cities, there are scattered forges and anvils in small flight point settlements and mob encampments. It can be unpredictable as to where one might find a forge – why Refuge Pointe and not Chillwind Camp? This list was started as a list of forges and anvils found in unexpected places.

Mailboxes can usually also found in larger towns and cities, and also scattered at smaller sites. Many players use mailboxes as a way to send and receive items to and from other players and also from their alt or mule characters. Knowing where the nearest mailbox is can save a lot of hassle while out adventuring in the great wild yonder.

Stables are where hunters can store and retrieve their pets.

Mounts are rides first received at level 20. Trolls ride raptors from Durotar, orcs ride wolves from Orgrimmar, blood elves ride Hawkstriders from Eversong Woods, etc..

Riding trainers can teach the skill necessary to ride specific mounts.

Cooking spots are required for Cooking. Cooking spots have many different names, such as campfire, brazier, stove, cooking table, cauldron, etc.. Players can also conjure their own Basic Campfire. Almost all major towns with inns have a fireplace or hearth inside the inn. City inns often do not have fires inside the inn building itself. Some cities provide readily available fires, such as the ubiquitous Dwarven Brazier in Ironforge, while others hide their fires and stoves. Formerly, creating a campfire required wood, flint, and tinder, so knowing where a ready-made Cooking Fire or substitute could be found was important. Now, any cook can make a campfire when needed with no tools or materials.'

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